Month: March 2017

Senate Hearing On Russia Investigation

Today marked the first public hearing regarding Russian Interference in the election by the Senate Intelligence Committee. Let's take a look at how the hearing was covered by our two favorite media outlets: Fox - "Russia engaged in 'information warfare' in US, senator says" Russia is engaged in "information warfare" on American soil, and its … Continue reading Senate Hearing On Russia Investigation


Ivanka Makes White House Job Official

This afternoon the President's oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, announced that she will be taking an official role in her father's administration as an unpaid volunteer. Today I'm going to focus on the way that these two sources used quotes when telling the story. First I'll list out all the quotes that the CNN articles used … Continue reading Ivanka Makes White House Job Official

Trump Cuts Back Climate Change Regulations

The Trump White House has gotten a great deal of criticism from the scientific community for some of its views, which many consider to be "anti-science." The President took action on some of those views yesterday when he announced plans to sign an Executive order repealing at least 6 environmental regulations put in place by … Continue reading Trump Cuts Back Climate Change Regulations