Monday Morning Front Pages

After a busy weekend most of the news stories I saw this morning were talking about the failure of the Republicans to pass the AHCA last Friday and any implications this will have on the future of the American Healthcare system. Any headlines not related to Healthcare were mostly critical of Trump’s actions in a meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, where he is said to have handed her a bill for being a part of NATO.

Rather than focusing on one particular article from today I just wanted to capture the headlines on the front pages of CNN and Fox to highlight just how different the tone and focus of their reporting can be.

Here’s what CNN was focused on this morning:

CNN front page - 3.27

As you can see the main focus is the stock market and the poor weekend on Wall Street. If you look at some of the smaller headlines, you will see that they include articles speaking about a “Credibility Problem” in the White House, Trump’s son-in-law will be testifying before the senate, and a mention of what Devin Nunes was doing before he spoke with the press last week.

In the other corner, we have Fox News. Here’s what they focused on this morning:

Fox front page - 3.27

Fox chose to focus on Coal Country and their central article is one that mentions that coal mining is “seeing a revival as Trump gives industry hope.” They do mention the President’s meeting with Merkel and the NATO bill that he allegedly gave her (something Sean Spicer has since denied took place). They also feature a piece on the London Terror attack and an update on the one and only Adele.

The Fox homepage is much less busy and they have fewer articles posted here. However, the point is that not one of them is critical of Trump, whereas nearly every article featured by CNN is speaking to some Republican failure regarding Healthcare or the investigation into President Trump and any Russia or wiretapping claims.

If you support Trump it would be impossible to even look at the CNN homepage and take any one of those articles seriously because it flies so far in the face of your core beliefs. The same goes for someone who is anti-Trump and goes to the Fox website, I would imagine they would just leave if they do not see any articles talking about the failure of the GOP Healthcare bill or any criticisms of Trump’s meetings with Merkel.


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