Month: April 2017

Friday Morning Headlines

I wanted to take a look at the headlines on Fox and CNN's websites this morning because I noticed that today was another situation where the two networks coverage is very different and it barely overlaps. Let's take a look and see what the outlets are focusing on this morning: CNN - "Top Stories" "Russia flexes … Continue reading Friday Morning Headlines


Bill O’Reilly Leaves Fox News

Wednesday it was announced that the popular TV host, Bill O'Reilly, would be leaving Fox News. This is coming on the heels of the news that O'Reilly had settled up to 5 sexual harassment charges for up to $13 million, which had caused many of his advertisers to leave the show. This is a story where … Continue reading Bill O’Reilly Leaves Fox News

Trump and North Korea

Over the weekend North Korea and Kim Jong Un underwent their 5th nuclear test as a part of their country-wide birthday celebration for the countries founder, Kim Il Sung. As North Korea gets closer to the development of a nuclear weapon they have received increasing news coverage across the world and especially here in the states. Now … Continue reading Trump and North Korea

Georgia and Today’s Headlines

Georgia's 6th district is holding a special election to replace Tom Price, the new Health and Human Services Secretary. The leading Democratic candidate, John Ossoff, has taken advantage of the fear that liberals have felt since Trump was elected President and he was able to raise over $8 million for his campaign. He is one … Continue reading Georgia and Today’s Headlines