Month: May 2017

Monday’s Headlines

Today is another day where there is a stark contrast in the news that CNN and Fox consider to be worthy of their headlines. President Trump is in the midst of his first trip overseas during his time in office and he gave a huge speech to a large group of Muslim leaders yesterday, however, there … Continue reading Monday’s Headlines


Trump’s Trip to the Middle East

During his first few months in office, President Trump has been tough on immigration, specifically from countries that are majority Muslim. Living up to the rhetoric of his campaign, where he was quick to call for tougher border security and speak out against 'radical Islamic terrorism.' Despite what many feel is an anti-Muslim platform from President Trump and … Continue reading Trump’s Trip to the Middle East

Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton

With the whirlwind surrounding President Trump, James Comey, the special prosecutor so far this week, and even the FCC's vote regarding net neutrality yesterday, it was interesting to see that both CNN and Fox News were still looking back on the election last fall with one of today's leading stories. Former Vice President Joe Biden made the headlines … Continue reading Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton

The ‘witch hunt’ against President Trump

As the scandals involving the President continue to mount and more Republicans are starting to call for an investigation into the President's actions, particularly his ties with Russia, Trump took to Twitter this morning. Until Thursday his initial response to all the attention has been measured and largely done through official White House statements. As … Continue reading The ‘witch hunt’ against President Trump