Monday’s Headlines

Since the story first came out, more information has come to light about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian Attorney from last year; including the identities of the other parties present at the meeting. This has led to increased scrutiny on the Trump team, specifically Jared Kushner’s role. While all that is going on, special investigator Robert Mueller has continued assembling his team, which will be looking into potential ties with Russia – starting with Michael Flynn.

In addition to all the madness surrounding Russia, the Senate continues to push forward their attempts to repeal Obamacare and pass a suitable replacement. Despite the small margin for error, and more than the minimum allowable number of Republican Senators (2) openly speaking out against the bill, it appears that the GOP is still pushing for the repeal of the ACA.

With all of these different stories unfolding simultaneously let’s take a look at how our two favorite outlets are prioritizing their resources to cover these events.

Here is the main headline on the Fox News Politics home page, along with some of the other stories near the top of the page:

Fox 7.24.17.png

“Mueller probe: Meet the lawyers who gave $$ to Hillary, now investigating team Trump”

“Trump calls ObamaCare ‘big, fat, ugly lie’ ahead of key Senate vote”

“Preemptive Strike: Kushner scoops Senate with ‘Did not collude’ statement”

“Democrats rebrand under new slogan – will their product sell?”

“Trump weighs new punishments for his team”

“Tired of selling politics like Soap, Democrats are now selling it like pizza”

“Anthony Scaramucci: A look at the new White House communications director”

“Iran: Obama tried to place nice and failed. Trump should use these options to try to bring the regime to its knees”

“David Bossie: Trump wants American workers to succeed. Will Democrats join him?”

Below is a screen shot of what the CNN politics page currently looks like. Under that I have included the titles of the top 10 stories that are being run at the moment:

CNN 7.24.17.png

“Kushner confirms Russia meetings, says ‘I did not collude’”

“Trump: Senate GOP needs to fulfill promise to end ‘Obamacare nightmare’”

“Trump doesn’t want to fire Sessions. He wants Sessions to quit”

“Rep. Farenthold: I’d ‘settle this Aaron Burr style’ if Senators resisting repeal were men”

“Rudy Giuliani: Jeff Sessions ‘made the right decision’ to recuse from Russia probe”

“Chuck Schumer just threw Hillary Clinton under the bus”

“Trump to speak to 40,000 at Boy Scouts gathering”

“Trump calls House Intel’s top Democrat ‘sleazy’”

“Lying to Congress can put you in jail, even if you’re not under oath”


There is very little overlap in the stories that these two sources are covering. In fact, even when they do cover the same statement, or event it is viewed through completely different lenses. The best example of this is the way that Fox and CNN are covering the Jared Kushner statement. Fox sees this as vindication because Kushner got out in front of the story and let everyone know in plain language that their was no collusion. CNN wants to highlight the fact that he admitted the meeting, and is viewing this admission as a sign that more digging is needed.


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