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Future Plans for the Senate Healthcare Bill

After the long and arduous process that it took for the House to vote to repeal Obamacare no one expected the process of drafting the new Healthcare bill in the Senate would be easy. However, it appears that GOP members of the Senate ran into a setback earlier this week when Mitch McConnell announced that they … Continue reading Future Plans for the Senate Healthcare Bill


Tuesday’s Headlines

There has been no shortage of headline-worthy news to start this week. Starting with the announcement from Mitch McConnell that the Senate delayed their vote on the health care bill, the White House threatened Syria, and the Supreme Court allowed parts of the President's travel ban to be enforced. Today I wanted to take a look at … Continue reading Tuesday’s Headlines

4 GOP Senators Oppose Healthcare Bill

Senate Republicans have been working on the Healthcare bill in secret for the past couple months after the AHCA, however, the bill has largely been kept secret. A 142 page draft of the bill was released earlier today and our outlets reported some of the immediate reactions from across Washington. The Republicans have a 52-48 … Continue reading 4 GOP Senators Oppose Healthcare Bill