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North Korea Threatens Guam

As North Korea continues to develop their nuclear arsenal President Trump is keeping up with his tough talk towards the country. As we have seen earlier on in Trump's term, as well as with the previous few American Presidents, they have maintained a hard line towards Kim Jong Un and his threats of a nuclear … Continue reading North Korea Threatens Guam


Another North Korean Missile Test

Back in April North Korea made headlines because they set up a nuclear test as a part of their annual celebration commemorating the birth of the countries founder, Kim Il-Sung. That test failed and President Trump drew praise for the way that he handled the situation and talked tough towards Kim Jong Un without being … Continue reading Another North Korean Missile Test

Trump and North Korea

Over the weekend North Korea and Kim Jong Un underwent their 5th nuclear test as a part of their country-wide birthday celebrationĀ for the countries founder, Kim Il Sung. As North Korea gets closer to the developmentĀ of a nuclear weapon they have received increasing news coverage across the world and especially here in the states. Now … Continue reading Trump and North Korea