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Tuesday’s Headlines

As the news cycle continues to roll on and President Trump continues his familiar habit of producing front page worthy news, today is another day where Fox News and CNN seem like they are covering totally different worlds. While the investigation into possible collusion with Russia by the Trump administration pushes on, much of the … Continue reading Tuesday’s Headlines


Monday’s Headlines

Since the story first came out, more information has come to light about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian Attorney from last year; including the identities of the other parties present at the meeting. This has led to increased scrutiny on the Trump team, specifically Jared Kushner's role. While all that is going on, … Continue reading Monday’s Headlines

Headlines Regarding Robert Mueller

During the break former FBI director, Robert Mueller, has been assigned as Special Counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian interference during the Presidential election. It has been confirmed that James Comey was not investigating President Trump as a part of the FBI's probe into the matter; however, since Comey's firing, Mueller has confirmed that he … Continue reading Headlines Regarding Robert Mueller