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President Trump Signs Russian Sanctions

It's no secret that the US and Russia do not get along. Their relationship has been under even more scrutiny since President Trump took office. Many critics feel that the Trump organization has too many business ties to Russia and tensions have only increased since Russia was accused of interfering in the American election. Over … Continue reading President Trump Signs Russian Sanctions


Monday’s Headlines

Since the story first came out, more information has come to light about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian Attorney from last year; including the identities of the other parties present at the meeting. This has led to increased scrutiny on the Trump team, specifically Jared Kushner's role. While all that is going on, … Continue reading Monday’s Headlines

Trump Jr. Releases Emails Regarding Meeting with Russia

Earlier this week it was revealed that the President's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., met with a Russian attorney during June of the 2016 Presidential election after being promised information that would "incriminate" candidate Hillary Clinton. This is only adding to the firestorm surrounding Russian interference in the election as well as potential ties between … Continue reading Trump Jr. Releases Emails Regarding Meeting with Russia