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President Trump Signs Russian Sanctions

It's no secret that the US and Russia do not get along. Their relationship has been under even more scrutiny since President Trump took office. Many critics feel that the Trump organization has too many business ties to Russia and tensions have only increased since Russia was accused of interfering in the American election. Over … Continue reading President Trump Signs Russian Sanctions


Tuesday’s Headlines

As the news cycle continues to roll on and President Trump continues his familiar habit of producing front page worthy news, today is another day where Fox News and CNN seem like they are covering totally different worlds. While the investigation into possible collusion with Russia by the Trump administration pushes on, much of the … Continue reading Tuesday’s Headlines

President Trump bans Transgenders from serving in the Military

Yesterday President Trump set off yet another controversy when he sent a series of tweets stating that transgender individuals will no longer be allowed in the military. Transgenders had not been allowed to serve until 2016 when President Obama's Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, lifted the ban last year. As a part of this measure, … Continue reading President Trump bans Transgenders from serving in the Military